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Back Pain for a Week? | Physician’s Guide for Pains in Back

Are you experiencing back pain that has been lingering on for more than a week? Are the constant aches and pains in your lower back making it difficult to find relief? Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints seen by physicians, and while it can usually be attributed to an everyday activity like lifting or exercising, long-term lower back pain may mean there is something else going on. In this blog post, we’ll explore what could be causing persistent or worsening lower back pain as well as when you should seek medical advice from your doctor.

As a general rule, back pain for a week could be due to muscle strain, sciatica, herniated disc, osteoarthritis, or spinal stenosis. Rest, ice/heat therapy, and pain relievers can help, but see a doctor if severe or accompanied by other symptoms.

If you suffer from back pain, I can offer guidance on the best office chair alternatives. With over 30 years of experience as a chiropractor and ergonomist, I’ve authored a book on posture, spoken on national TV, and engineered creative solutions for comfortable sitting. My latest project, a range of ergonomic seat cushions, was successfully funded through Kickstarter. Allow me to share my expertise and recommend some great options to alleviate your back pain.

Basic Guidelines

back pain office worker

If you’ve been experiencing back pain for a week, it’s important to pay attention to the severity and location of the pain, as well as any other symptoms you may be experiencing. Some common causes of back pain that may last for a week include:

  • Muscle strain or sprain: This is a common cause of back pain that occurs due to lifting heavy objects or twisting your back in an awkward position.
  • Sciatica: This is a condition that occurs when the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back down to your legs, is compressed or irritated.
  • Herniated disc: A herniated disc occurs when the soft material inside a spinal disc pushes through a crack in the exterior of the disc and puts pressure on the surrounding nerves.
  • Osteoarthritis: This is a degenerative joint disease that causes the breakdown of the cartilage that cushions your joints.
  • Spinal stenosis: This is a condition that occurs when the spaces within your spine narrow, putting pressure on the spinal cord and nerves.

If your back pain is severe, radiating to other parts of your body, or accompanied by other symptoms like numbness or weakness, you should see a doctor immediately. In general, it’s a good idea to rest and avoid activities that exacerbate the pain, use ice or heat therapy, and consider taking over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. If your pain persists or worsens after a week, you should consult with a healthcare provider for further evaluation and treatment.

If you’re struggling with back pain, I wrote an article on how to manage your pain and why you should do these important steps and I encourage you to read it!

What Causes Lower Back Pain in Females: The Delicate Dance of Life

Oh, dear ladies, the possible causes of lower back pain are as diverse as the flowers in a blooming garden. It could be due to your monthly gift from Mother Nature, or perhaps you’re simply a victim of life’s many adventures, such as lifting heavy objects or twisting awkwardly. Let’s not forget the joys of pregnancy, which can also weigh down on your lower back. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back (pun intended)!

Dull Pain in Lower Back Female: A Gentle Nudge from Your Backbone

back pain female

Ah, the enigmatic dull pain – like a mysterious whisper from your body, urging you to pay attention. It could be anything from poor posture to muscle strain, or even just a sneaky way your body asks you to take a break. Whatever it is, listen to your body’s whisper and give it the tender care it deserves.

How to Relieve Severe Lower Back Pain: Soothe the Savage Beast

When it comes to taming the monster that is severe lower back pain, patience and persistence are your trusty allies. Gentle stretches, hot or cold packs, and a good ol’ massage can help calm the fiery beast. And if you’re still feeling the burn, a seasoned chiropractor like myself is here to help you take back control of your back.

back pain female

How I Cured My Lower Back Pain: The Art of Spine-Fu

As a chiropractor, I’ve battled many a backache and emerged victorious. The secret lies in a combination of good posture, regular exercise, and a balanced diet. Top it off with a healthy dose of preventive chiropractic care, and voilà, you’ve mastered the art of Spine-Fu!

Sudden Severe Lower Back Pain Female: The Unexpected Back Attack

Just when you think you’ve got life all figured out, your lower back throws you a curveball. Sudden and severe pain can catch you off guard, but don’t let it get the best of you. Rest, apply ice, and seek professional help if needed. Remember, the back may be mighty, but with the right care, you are mightier!

back pain office worker

Identifying the Common Causes of Back Pain

As a chiropractor, I often see patients who have been experiencing back pain for a week or more. There are numerous potential causes for this discomfort, including muscle strains, ligament sprains, and spinal misalignments. Other factors, such as poor posture, obesity, and sedentary lifestyles, can also contribute to chronic back pain. It’s essential to identify the root cause of your pain in order to develop an effective treatment plan.

back pain

When to Seek Professional Help

If you’ve been suffering from back pain for a week or more, it’s important to consult a professional for a thorough evaluation. Although some instances of back pain may resolve on their own, seeking help early can prevent the issue from worsening and ensure that you receive appropriate care. If your pain is accompanied by other symptoms like fever, weight loss, or neurological issues, it’s especially important to consult a healthcare professional immediately.

serious leg pain. doctor

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain Relief

Chiropractic care can be an effective solution for those experiencing persistent back pain. As a chiropractor, I specialize in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal issues, including those affecting the spine. Through spinal adjustments, manual therapy, and other techniques, we can help realign the spine, relieve pressure on nerves, and promote healing in the affected tissues. Many patients experience significant relief after just a few chiropractic sessions.








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At-Home Remedies for Back Pain Management

In addition to seeking professional help, there are several at-home remedies that can help alleviate back pain. These include maintaining proper posture, stretching regularly, and incorporating exercises to strengthen the core and back muscles. Applying ice or heat to the affected area can also provide temporary relief. Over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications can be helpful in managing pain, but always consult your healthcare provider before starting any new medication.

Prevention Tips for a Healthy Back

exercising with stiff back

To prevent future episodes of back pain, it’s important to address the underlying causes and practice good habits for spinal health. This includes maintaining a healthy weight, engaging in regular physical activity, and practicing proper lifting techniques. Additionally, consider ergonomic adjustments to your workspace, such as using a standing desk or an ergonomic chair, to encourage proper posture throughout the day. By incorporating these practices into your daily routine, you can significantly reduce your risk of developing chronic back pain.

I’ve written a complete hands-on review about the best sitting position for sciatica, and here is what I tested best with my sciatica patients.

Crafting an Ergonomic Sitting Solution: Suggestions and Pointers

To efficiently address your seating concerns, it’s vital to consider various aspects, including chair personalization. Multiple methods can assist you in achieving this, such as integrating an ergonomic seat insert and lumbar support. These supplemental features ease pressure on your back and legs, augmenting comfort and posture during extended sitting sessions. Additionally, confirm that your feet are flat on the floor and that ample room exists between your chair and desk. By implementing these tips, any standard stiff chair can be converted into an ergonomic refuge that supports long-term health and well-being.

posture before and after seat wedge

Ergonomic Seating Support

An ergonomic seat wedge (above) can be used to correctly position your spine and enhance stability. This well-constructed natural latex seating support aids in developing core muscles while mitigating tension in other body regions, such as the shoulders and neck. Furthermore, sitting upright is less demanding on your hips and knees, as it activates more muscle groups simultaneously compared to leaning back against a plush surface. This vertical posture prevents the formation of stress-triggering habits that people may inadvertently develop while working.

Axial Designs® Best Seat Cushion for Back Comfort


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Final Thoughts

We have discussed the possibility of a week-long backache and what should be done about it. First, it is important to determine if there is any underlying issue that can be treated with simple home remedies or if the pain requires further examination. In the event of the former, taking care of yourself at home and using an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen may help to reduce the discomfort. Staying active, stretching frequently throughout the day, and avoiding prolonged sitting are all good ways to support your body during this time.

Ultimately, when experiencing more than just occasional twinges of discomfort over an extended period of time, it is recommended you consult a medical professional for further advice on how to tackle your situation best. Understand that if you are feeling discomfort for a week or longer, caring for yourself should become your priority. It could make all the difference in improving your quality of life now, and long after your back pain has subsided.

**As a service to our readers, Axial Chairs provides access to our library of archived content. Please note the date of the last review or update on all articles. No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinicians.

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Dr Lawrence Woods DC

Dr Lawrence Woods DC


My goal is to create the highest quality ergonomic office chairs and accessories for unmatched comfort.

With 30 years of spinal healthcare experience in Ireland as a chiropractor, I learned the value of high-quality sitting for living a happy and healthy life.

I have a Chiropractic Degree from Life Chiropractic College West and I am NBCE Physiotherapy certified.


Dr Lawrence Woods

My goal is to create the highest quality ergonomic office chairs and accessories for unmatched comfort. With 30 years of spinal healthcare experience as a chiropractor, I learned the value of high-quality sleep for living a happy and healthy life. I have a Chiropractic Degree from Life Chiropractic College West and am NBCE Physiotherapy certified.

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