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How to clean the Axial Seat Cushion?

To clean the Axial Seat Cushion cover only, use warm soap, water and a cloth.

Availability of different colour seat cushion covers

At this time, we only offer black seat cushion covers.

Effectiveness of the Axial Seat Cushion in alleviating pain

While seat cushions have been popular in providing relief for pain and discomfort while sitting, the scientific evidence for their effectiveness in treating specific conditions is limited. However, well-designed seat cushions with ergonomic principles and high-quality materials can potentially provide comfort, support, and relief for people with back pain while sitting.

Comparison of Axial Seat Cushions with other brands

The Axial Seat Cushion has a proprietary design and is patented. It offers pressure relief while providing support throughout the day. It comes with a 30-day return period and a 1-year warranty. Learn more about the scientific research behind Axial here:

Possibility of cutting the Axial Seat Cushion to fit a specific seat size

The Axial™ Seat Cushion cannot be cut to fit a specific seat size at this time.

Dimensions of the Axial Seat Cushions

The Axial® Seat Cushion measures 16.5in by 17in, with a thickness of 3.5in.

Can you leave the Axial Seat Cushion in a hot car

The Purple material used in the Axial® Seat Cushion can withstand high temperatures, so it is safe to leave it in a hot car.

Cost of the Axial Seat Cushion

The Axial® Seat Cushion is priced at $149 to continental USA.

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